Helping second language learners become more confident English speakers.

What We Do?

We help intermediate to advanced business professionals who are non-native speakers speak English with Confidence!

If you are:

  • Working in a multinational company
  • Communicating with international clientele 
  • Attending international conferences both virtually and in person
  • Preparing presentations in English
  • Seeking to advance professionally and personally 

Why Choose Us?

We have curated services to meet your needs. Let us help you to speak naturally and confidently. Get started today! Why wait? Start your Confidence journey now.

Getting Started?

To continue your journey on the path of empowerment take some time to browse our website and get to know us. Be sure to check out our services and see which best suits your needs currently. If YOU are unable to decipher what training is right for you, book a consultation and let us guide you. 

We are here to serve and help you SPEAK with CONFIDENCE.

Our Services

Our service also include ONE on ONE customized tutoring and Confidence Mindset Training. 


Discovery Calls (30 minutes)

Strategy Session (60 – 90 minutes)

Optimize your Speaking skills

Accountability Calls (15 minutes) Follow-up / Check-In

Why We are a cut above the rest

One of Alafea’s most impressive attributes is her breadth of knowledge. Not only does she possess an in-depth knowledge but easily recognizes the problem and instantaneously solves it. Alafea’s knowledge combined with her excellent problem-solving skills allows her to quickly adapt to any situation and provide timely and accurate solutions. I strongly recommend Alafea Institute for your consulting and strategy sessions.

Mwendeche Masima

PhD candidate ( E government), Huazhong University of Science and Technology , Founder of She is Ministry


Alafea Reynolds is a Business English Coach and Trainer helping English learners become more confident English speakers. Through Alafea Institute, Alafea helps c-suite professionals transform their English for greater success…

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