5 Mistakes to AVOID when sending Business Emails

October 23, 2021

Business English

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Did you know that emails are one of the most effective ways to communicate? Why? 

Because it’s:

✅ Fast

✅ Cheap

✅ Easily accessible

It provides electronic data that you can refer back to when needed in this video.

This lesson will teach you 5 mistakes that you should AVOID when sending business emails. 

This video lesson is for both native and non-native English speakers.

So let’s go! 

Business Emails

Speak English with Confidence

   #1  Avoid weird email names. 

Personal emails are very different from professional emails.

I cannot tell you how many times I see persons making this mistake. You NEED a professional email name if you want to be taken seriously. 

Don’t use a name like sexyboo@gmail.com. Imagine sending in an application and the interviewer or the HR professionals see an application for an executive assistant from sexyboo@gmail.com. 

No, you want to keep your name professional. Now it’s best to use your name.

You can use your last name and then your first name at Gmail or at Hotmail at Yahoo, whatever it is you use. For example, you can say




✅  doe.jane@gmail.com

You should also try to avoid using numbers. Now I know in Asia, especially in China they use numbers for their QQ email. But, in Western culture, we prefer names. If a number has to be there, it will be after a name like Jane.doe82@gmail.com. 

Alafea Institute

   #2 Avoid is not to leaving the subject blank.

When you’re sending an email, don’t send a professional email with a blank subject line. Personally, I do not open emails that have a blank subject.

I think it’s a virus and maybe it’s junk mail. It’s also highly unprofessional !

Writing a subject makes it easy for ease of reference when you’re searching your emails and you want to find an email on a particular subject, So be courteous and professional and take the time to include a brief, clear subject for your email.

You should also avoid using ALL CAPS in your subject line.

Business Emails

   #3 Avoid writing an email in anger.

You don’t want to write a professional email when you’re angry, because you’re going to calm down and you may regret it. Remember, networking and relationship building are very important in the business world.

Be sure to take a breath, walk away, calm yourself down, write it somewhere or vent somehow. Whatever you do, DO NOT send that email while your’e angry.

The tone of your email is very important. Just like I said before, do not write all caps in the subject line, don’t write all caps in the body of the email either. People can feel the tone of your emails and all caps represents shouting and anger.

Your words are very important and how you write them are very, very, very important. So keep your emails short, direct to the point, free from anger and polite at all times.

Business Emails

Speak English with Confidence

   #4 Do not Over-complicate it! 

In fact, use simple English. You don’t need to have big words and big terms and advanced expressions.

Don’t overcomplicate it. Use very simple direct English. Stick to the point, because you don’t want to use words that you’re not even sure about, and you may end up using them in the wrong context.

Therefore, making it confusing. The message you’re trying to communicate may just be communicated very differently than what your intention was.

So you use simple English! 

Business Emails

   #5 Avoid not sending an email without proofreading it.

Now, this is when you read your email again to check your grammar, spelling and to see if you’re missing anything.

Do not send a business email without proofreading. Depending on the nature of the email you can ask a coworker or your supervisor or someone just to look at it for you.

Have someone look at it with fresh eyes especially if you’ve been working on the email for a long time.

Business Emails

Speak English with Confidence


So let’s re recap the five mistakes that you need to avoid when sending a business email :

❌  Do not use weird nicknames too.

❌  Do not send an email with a blank subject line

❌  Do not vise an emailing anger or do not.

❌  Do not over-complicate It.

Now That’s the one, the video for today or the lesson for today. I’ll see you in the next one. I am your Business English Coach helping you to Speak English with confidence.


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