Vision Statement

Nurturing the wellbeing of educators and parents, empowering them to change their narrative, so they can raise healthier, happier children.

Who We Are

Alafea Institute is a training institute committed to the empowerment of educators, students and parents by shaping their mindset with customized and intentional training.


Alafea Institute is a training institution on a mission to empower educators across the world via online and live trainings. It was founded by our Principal Alafea Tomlinson, a mother of three and two bonus kids who doubled as an educator and mother. She experienced firsthand the frustration of trying to develop professionally while trying to be present for her husband, kids, and family.

The life of an educator is very demanding so much so that she lost her passion and purpose for entering this field in the first place. It was after experiencing a nervous breakdown while trying to do all and be all for everyone the vision of Alafea Institute was impregnated.

She went back to get core training as a guidance counselor and merged it with her teacher training and birthed Alafea Institute. This is why the foundation of which Alafea Institute is built upon is gratitude. The keywords in the institute’s vision statement were carefully chosen: ‘nurturing’, ‘wellbeing’, ‘empowering’, ‘healthier’ and ‘happier’. It is our wish here at Alafea Institute that these words translate to reality in your life through the different services we offer. 

Speaking Topics

  • Abuse doesn’t have to be your normal
  • Time Management=Self-Care

  • Breaking the cycle: I don’t look like what I’ve been through
Why We are a cut above the rest

I attended the leadership training of Ms. Alafea Tomlinson led at Wuhan Optical Foreign Language School in September 2018.  I was impressed by her range of international experience and awareness. Her knowledge of intercultural human resources and managerial topics made her an asset in professional development. Thank you, Ms. Tomlinson, for contributing to the growth of our school.


Paul Segura

MBA – USA – AACSBB, Master of International Management – Russia -APSIA, Master of Finance -

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May 2020

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