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Alafea Institute is a training institute committed to the empowerment of second language learners by improving their English Language proficiency and global competence through customized training

Our Mission

To help business professionals  transform their English by providing effective learning solutions.

Vision Statement

To become the #1 Business English online Training School for Managers.

Our Company Values







Alafea Reynolds is a Business English Coach and Trainer helping English learners become more confident English speakers. Through Alafea Institute, Mrs. Reynolds helps c-suite professionals transform their English for greater success.

With a Postgraduate Award in Organizational Psychology, a Bachelors in Guidance and Counseling, a Diploma in Education, and a TEFL / TESOL License in Business English.

Her background also includes being an International Program Coordinator in China, where she trained international teachers providing tools and resources for greater success.

On a more personal note, Mrs. Reynolds is a wife, a mother of three with two bonus kids and a wonderful daughter-in-law. She enjoys watching romantic comedies and action movies while drinking a hazelnut latte from starbucks. She also believes that everyone needs a little chocolate in their lives..

Meet Our Team

Mwendeche Masima

Scholarship Coordinator

Mwendeche Masima is a skilled events planner as well as founder of the She Is Ministry in Tanzania, a ministry dedicated to the spiritual empowerment  of young women.  She has B.A. in Marketing Management, a graduate degree in Business Administration and is currently a PhD candidate in Electronic Government at the Huazhong University of Science and Technology in China.  

In her free time, Mwende enjoys exploring her creativity through various arts and craft projects.  

Nasagambe Agasaro Oceane

School Secretary

Nasagambe Agasaro Oceane, fondly called Oceane is our dynamic and charismatic school secretary.

A Rwanda native she studied in China at the Wuchang University of Technology where earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Economics.

Oceane loves to sing, create vlogs and practice photography.

Educational Consultants

H. Dean Reynolds

Media Professional

Tutor – English for Media Professionals

Dean Reynolds is a Music Publisher and Audio Visual Producer for Dean Reynolds Media Group in Georgia, United States. His past experience includes working as a Music Publicist, TV producer, Stage Manager and Radio Program Director.

Mr. Reynolds is always playing his bass guitar in his off time. He also likes to travel, network and drink a Caramel Frapucchino at Starbucks.

Jordon Mosely

Business Analyst

Tutor – English for I. T. Professionals

Jordon Moselely is a Business Analyst for a fortune 500 company in Texas, United States. His past experience includes working as an Information Technical Specialist and also a High School Mathematics and Computer Studies Teacher.

Mr. Moseley enjoys watching educational videos, listening to reggae music, planning and organizing family activities.

Why We are a cut above the rest

I attended the leadership training of Ms. Alafea Tomlinson led at Wuhan Optical Foreign Language School in September 2018.  I was impressed by her range of international experience and awareness. Her knowledge of intercultural human resources and managerial topics made her an asset in professional development. Thank you, Ms. Tomlinson, for contributing to the growth of our school.


Paul Segura

MBA – USA – AACSBB, Master of International Management – Russia -APSIA, Master of Finance -

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