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Yipee!! You made it! Let me the first to officially welcome to our website. It has been specially curated for educators and parents like you. Whether you are simply browsing through our pages or searching for professional development courses, workshops, one on one...

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Shaping Your Mindset Live Workshop Alafea Institute will host 30 international teachers in Wuhan, China on Saturday, October 6, 2018 in the Shaping Your Mindset workshop. Participants of this workshop will be guided through their SYM workbook and be afforded the...

Book Release

Empowerment first beings with you. As educators it is important that you are empowered from within so as to empower those in your stead. The Shaping Your Mindset workbook offers practical skills and strategies through a reflective activity-based approach. It provides...


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July 2019

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