How to Get Motivated when Learning English

August 22, 2021

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Hi friends. I’m Alafea Reynolds, your Business English coach, I help second language learners to speak English with confidence!

Now in today’s video. We’re going to discuss How To Stay Motivated or How To Get Motivated when studying English, because let’s face it – It can be really, really difficult to learn a new language. 

As a native speaker of English I have studied different languages – I’m learning Mandarin, which is really, really difficult. So, I can truly relate to how easy it is to get demotivated.


Now I have six tips for you that you can use that will help you to get motivated and stay motivated.

So let’s go!



You need to be very clear about why you want to learn English. Why is learning English important to you?

Is it for a promotion, a career advancement, or are you going to go through an immigration process? Are you going to move to an English speaking country?

What is it?  Because remaining focused and why you need to learn English will definitely help you in those times when you feel like you want to give up.

So when you feel demotivated, just remember, why do I need to do this?


And my second tip is going to talk to you about your resources. What are the English textbooks and the type of resources that you’re using? Are they way too difficult for you? Because if you use textbooks that are really difficult and really boring too, it will become a challenge.

You really need to set yourself up for success. Actually, you need to use something that’s a little easy and then a little challenging. You need to mix it. Don’t only use challenging textbooks as textbooks can be very boring and so it may not appeal to you. Try  watching a Netflix movie – what’s your favorite movie?  Or, listen to Ted talks, you know, try different ways.

There are various ways to expose yourself to the language. That type of exposure will help you to feel more comfortable and it will be way more relatable and it will help you a lot.

Therefore, assess the textbooks and resources that you’re using.


My third tip is to set a specific goal.  Now, a  specific goal is coming from the acronym. Y SMART because smart stands for specific measurable, attainable, time bound..

Now I’ll do a video explaining all of that and why it’s important for you to have all those aspects in your goal, but for the purpose of this video and for the purpose of staying motivated or getting motivated, you really need to have a specific goal.

So don’t just say, My goal is to speak like a native speaker or my goal is to become fluent.

Be very specific. Say, I want to learn 10 new words in two weeks. 

Now what that does is that it gives you something very specific to work towards. Then, once you achieve that, you can celebrate yourself and you will really feel as if you’re making progress, which really and truly, you are.


Now the fourth tip that I have for you for getting motivated is to explore the culture. Don’t just focus on the grammar and the do’s and don’ts of the English language but also explore the culture.There’s so much that you can learn and you want to find something that’s interesting to you and also very relatable to you.

So when I say explore the culture, I mean like watch movies. I mean, what type of music, you know, different ways, food try to dive a little deeper and explore the culture and find something about it that you like, find where you will hear words and phrases that are funny and fun and then try to use them in your Daily English practice. 

That’s another way to stay motivated because if you only focus on grammar, it’s going to be very, very difficult for you.

So explore the culture.

   📌 #5 👉 KEEP A JOURNAL

 And the fifth tip is to journal, Keep a journal. Now I have a Learn A Word A Day Jounal that you can purchase. I’ll put the link below. It’s a Daily English Practice  journal where you just write a new word every day and you write a meaning and an example.

So that is a really great thing for you to do where you can just use a regular notebook, but put a word like a new word every day or a phrase that you’ve heard, or any time you hear something that you didn’t know before, write it down.

Then  you challenge yourself to  make a sentence with that word and you write it down because there’s a science behind writing. It actually connects with the brain in your subconscious, you will remember it. And then you will also have this to look back on and you can flip through and refresh your memory.

So journaling is actually a great way to improve your English skills.


Now, my final tip number six is to remember the benefits. Remember the benefits of learning English. Once you learn and master this language, you will be able to connect with others,on an international level. This is a huge benefit. So put aside the fact of the career advancement that will happen for you. You also may make new friends and new opportunities will open for you.

It’s a major benefit because as we know, English is the international language. So you’ll feel more confident at meetings,conferences, you can network with ease, and if you have a coworker or a visitor coming from overseas, you can easily connect with them and you can help them out.

You can help them around so you can share your cultures with others. Like the benefits are endless.

So remember the benefits of learning English.

 ✏️ Summary ✏️

 All right! So to recap, let’s remember the six tips that I have for you to get and stay motivated to learn English.

Now, I hope this video was very useful to you. Let me see you sharing and commenting in the comments section.


I will see you in the next video. I’m Alafea Reynolds, helping you to speak English with confidence.

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