How to improve your Business English Skills with Netflix

August 20, 2021

Business English

Educational Entertainment more or ‘Edutainment’ as it is more commonly used, was used as early as 1945 by the pioneer of entertainment, Walt Disney. The concept as its name suggests is to entertain while educating. An example of this concept is Sesame Street, which  is still a popular resource for family edutainment. 

What are the Benefits?

  1. It puts you in a calm and relaxed state

  2. It exposes you to different accents (language rhythms)

  3. It introduces you to different English cultures

  4. It provides interesting topics that can help you with your business small talk.

How it helps your language learning:

 📌 Practical and engaging examples

You will see how people react, operate and respond to different scenarios. This will  help you to remember certain terms and their meanings.

   📌 Emotional Connection

Every language has common slangs and colloquial speech embedded in it. An emotional connection helps you to become familiar with them in a more natural manner.

 📌  Deduce meaning through repetition

Common English phrases and expressions will no doubt be repeated throughout the movie or series. Even if it’s unfamiliar at first, hearing it repeatedly while seeing how and when it’s used will help you to build your vocabulary. 

📌  Train your ear -Use less or no subtitles. 

Using subtitles / captions can actually put you at a disadvantage. Listening with understanding plays a big role in speaking with confidence. Plus there are no subtitles in real time conversations. Henceforth, it requires continuous practice. 

Speak English

💡 Teacher Tip 💡

⭐️ Commit to a series – this way you will get familiar with the characters and be able to connect with them. This connection will make you want to tune in and follow their journey. 

⭐️ Download the Netflix app so you can have it on the go. Tune in to your favorite series while on the travelling, waiting for an appointment, etc.


 What’s your favorite Netflix series?




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