Improve your English Confidence with this Fun Tip 👉 Eat Out!

October 23, 2021

Business English


Lesson Transcript 

Hi, friends to today’s English Confidence Tip is Eat out!

Now, how can that help you to speak English with confidence?


Improve your English

Speak English with Confidence


Here’s how – 😀

  ☆ Dine out or dining out at an English speaking restaurant, a Western restaurant

  ☆  Use it as an opportunity to practice your English.

  ☆  Order your food in English. 

  ☆  Speak to the waiter in English, have fun with it.



Business English

☆ ☆ ☆ Order something you’ve never ordered before and look at the menu and challenge yourself to even say the words or the types of food or desserts on the menu.

🥳 So have a little fun today.


I’m your business English coach helping you to speak English with confidence.



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