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Our service also includes Recruitment of international teachers for full and part-time positions. All recruits will undergo our ‘Shaping Your Mindset Training’ with an option for you to customize on-boarding orientation training.



Unsure of where to begin and or in need of clarity to optimize you educator life and pursuits? One major advantage of booking your consultation it that it will allow you to get better sense of who we are and how best we can facilitate your development. 

Online Courses

Our online courses are developed for the busy professional. You can go through them at your own pace from anywhere the comfort of your home or office. They can be done in groups or individually. This is a great way to hone your professional skills. Invest in yourself today! Register now.

Speaking & Training

Alafea is a multi-faceted speaker and trainer. She inspires her audience by sharing her journey and lessons learnt giving them hope and practical tips. Her training sessions are fun, interactive and impactful. You are guaranteed to walk away re-energized and more knowledgeable than you were before.

Books & Resources

At Alafea Institute we pride ourselves on developing books and resources that will aid educators worldwide. Check out our workbooks and download free resources to enrich your development as an educator. 

Types Of WorkShops

Our service also includes Recruitment of international teachers for full and part-time positions. All recruits will undergo our ‘Shaping Your Mindset Training’ with an option for you to customize on-boarding orientation training.

Train the Trainer for the Teacher Trainer

Being a Teacher Trainer is highly rewarding. However, there is a certain complexity that can be unnerving if unmanaged given the duality of teacher training. It can be quite unnerving to not only prepare a training but also present it in an engaging and meaningful manner to your colleagues. This training is suited for experienced teachers making the transition to teacher trainers. You will get the opportunity to not only learn to design an impactful training but also key important mentorship and supervisory strategies and skills.

Personal Development workshops

Do you have a plan for your goals? Do you know specifically what you want to achieve this year? This training will allow you the opportunity to asses your skills and your desires and turn them into an actionable Personal Developmental Plan (PDP). You will create your very own blueprint your PDP to guide you to achieving your goals. Get ready to do the work! Let’s go, enroll now!

Leadership Training for the Administrator and Coordinators

Here at Alafea Institute, we believe that service is the key to great leadership. How are you serving yourself? Are you investing and pouring into you that you may be able to serve others? School leadership responsibilities are quite demanding and very challenging but can be extremely fulfilling. This training will teach you how to lead from an authentic place while sharpening your leadership and administrator skills. Enroll today and begin your authentic leadership journey now!

Teach the Teacher: ‘Shaping your Mindset’

This training is a recommended pre-requisite to any of our trainings as it sets the foundation for all other programs. It’s an introductory training that touches on goal setting, basic coaching skills, the co-relation of time management & self-care, etc. all the facets that make up and impact an empowered educator.  It begins with prep-activities such as doing a personal S.W.O.T. matrix and creating an affirmation card. Begin your empowered journey now by shaping your mindset!

Customized On-boarding Teacher Training

Studies have shown that there is a higher chance of retaining top teachers, building trust and alignment with new staff with a proper onboarding and orienting program. Alafea Institute will curate a customized training according to your organization’s culture and needs. Upon booking this service a consultant will sit with you and ask a key question to get a better understanding of your needs. Your customized training can be delivered online or live.

‘To make a real impact as an educator one must first be empowered from within’

– Alafea Tomlinson (CEO & Founder – Alafea Institute)

Why We Are Cut Above The Rest

Alafea is a great trainer.  She makes her training accessible to everyone. She is always ready to help. I learnt a lot from Alafea. Her leadership training helped me understand what is expected from me as a leader. She also helped me after the training with a lot of good advice. Thank you Alafea!

Virginie Ollivier

Department Coordinator for Primary, Wuhan Optical Foreign Language School, Wuhan, Hubei, China

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April 2021

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